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I am a career coach specializing in helping mid-career professionals to find clarity (figure sh*t out), strategy (how you execute), and support – so they no longer feel stuck, confused, and stagnant.

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What Clients Have To Say

My goodness I LOVE working with Tricia to achieve my goals!! When I thought of a business coach, I envisioned suits and buzzwords. That is not me and thankfully that isn’t Tricia either. Tricia is a true professional and an absolute joy and makes growth so fun - even the uncomfortable kind. Tricia isn’t in the business of fixing people. She pulls out their greatness and has certainly helped me to pull out mine. What I have appreciated most about Tricia is her 360 approach to coaching. While we are very focused on my career trajectory, growth and accountability at work, and leaning into that greatness I mentioned above, she makes sure I’m saving space for my family and for myself. That’s what’re really working for, after all. I have seen a significant change in myself, my confidence, and how I approach my life both professionally and personally since we’ve begun working together. Her support hasn’t just impacted me. I use her little nuggets of advice with my teams and my peers - and everyone is loving the new perspective I have thanks to Tricia. I am so thankful to be part of the #trusttricia movement!

Tricia has helped hundreds of mid-career professionals...

with all aspects surrounding career change and growth; such as finding clarity with their professional goals, strategic planning for development, networking, advocating for themselves, transitioning from different sectors, and most importantly breaking the 6 figure ceiling and beyond.

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Why work with Tricia?

She is extremely knowledgeable and always advocates for her clients.
She removes the stress out of the career
transition process with her knowledge and approach to strategic planning
Tricia is truly your partner.
She's not just going to tell you what to do but works with
you to ensure the plan for word aligns with your professional goals.
She has a strong focus on continuing education
and staying up-to-date with what's going on in the world of recruiting and careers.
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