CTRL Alt Delete with Tricia Sitemere

Moving your life towards self-actualization

Take CTRL of your future, Alt-er your mindset and Delete all doubt

Goal Setting

You can dream it AND you can achieve it!!! If you’re setting goals and not achieving them,  let’s deep dive and figure out how to stop that cycle. 


1 on 1 Fulfillment Coaching

What if the life you imagined was right there at your fingertips?  Waiting for you to go after it.  My coaching programs guides you through BUILDING that life. 1 on 1 with me. Step by step. 


The "Get It Done" Checklist

 Ok! So you know what you need to get done and you know why its important. You dont need me for that. But somehow you aren’t getting things done. Allow me to walk you through a method and tools that will get you knocking out things on that list in just over an hour!

I'm Sick of This Shit

You are tired of  being unhappy with your life. You’re tired of seeing others succeed while you feel like your’re stuck in the same place. You want to live a life of fulfillment. You’re sick of this shit. 

This interactive  guidebook will get you started and keep you going once you’re in action. 



Resume Support



Effective Networking


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