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Take CTRL of your future, Alt-er your mindset and Delete all doubt

Helping you remove frustration around your career growth and personal goals to creating a more fulfilling LIFE.

HELLO! My name is Tricia Sitemere, and my passion is personal coaching and making an impact in the lives of my clients. I have worked with hundreds of clients guiding them in both the career and personal development space. Together we have tackled:
If so many others can be successful, I am confident that you can too!

Services Options

Resume Writing & Overview Session

A full resume REFRESH + a one-hour session to talk through the changes and speaking to your experiences so you nail the interview!

Clarity and Personal Coaching

You want more but aren’t sure what that is or what it even looks like to get there. We work together toward that clarity and get you on the path to get there.

Career Transition

So, you think you’re finally ready to take the career leap but don’t want to build the plane and fly it at the same time. Let’s talk about it and map out your steps!

Goal Setting and Mapping Mini

You know what you want to accomplish but maybe are having trouble taking those first few steps! Let me help you brainstorm and create a personal roadmap.

Accountability Check In Session

Starting is one thing, but staying in motion, fighting procrastination, schedules and other responsibilities is a completely separate thing. We check in to clear away the obstacles to help you reach your goals.

The No Regrets Retreat

What do you get when you put together an island paradise, likeminded individuals, personal growth workshops/activities and lots of pampering & FUN! You get the No Regrets Retreat! Join me!

Meet Tricia Sitemere

A Little about me

What makes me good at what I do is that I have been in the very same shoes that you may find yourself in now. I may not know exactly how you feel or your specific situation, but I guarantee that I understand how you feel and how those feelings may be impacting how you feel about yourself or potentially other parts of your life!

I have experienced setbacks, failures (so many!!), and disappointments but from those experiences I have taken away some of the best learning experiences of my life. I am looking forward to connecting with you and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than your comfort zone.

- Billy COx

CTRL Alt Delete Partners and Clients

My latest book for personal growth –

I'm Sick of This Shit.

You’ve been frustrated and you have felt stuck. Some where along the way life began happening TO you and left so little in in your control. Something has got to change because you are SICK of the shit. If you are ready to usher in a shift in your life but aren’t sure what that looks like or perhaps you are going through a period of transition, you need this book. It is a blend of thoughtful questions about life direction, stories of uplift and journaling that can change your life.

”I can appreciate a detailed plan that includes action steps. The title caught my attention but the content kept my focus.


Hear what others have to say...

”I was so thankful to have met you virtually and your ideas are spot on. You gave me so much hope that things will change and I will get a new job! Thank you for that! ”


”Hi Tricia!! I just wanted to thank you for your help with everything and provide you an update. I received an offer that I am really excited about and have accepted!!”


”Just wanted to let you know that I received an offer today thank you for being my sounding board through negotiations and allowing me to speak in full confidence I so appreciate you .”


Helping you build a life of more fulfillment

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I offer a customized coaching program with actionable steps FOR YOU. But you have to be ready to invest in YOURSELF. You have to be ready to take that step.

Tricia Sitemere

I'm Sick of This Shit

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