One thing that anyone who has ever spent more than a few moments with me will say is that I LOVE to laugh! I work hard and I play hard! I’m a lover of music and independent movies. I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews (I’m just about out of fingers to count them.) I’d spend any day at the beach, eating cheese and basking in the sun. Pink, polka dots and all things glitter are my simple joys in life!

The Mission

My Story

My mission in life is to help others live in the freedom that comes with knowing and understanding who they are. I don’t think I really ever grasped how precious life is until my dad passed away. I was already in the Human Resources space for nearly a decade at that point, but it wasn’t until that experience that I changed the way I looked at life. Since then my focus has been on not only being my best self but guiding others to be theirs. Whatever that looks life for you. You define your success, and you are 100% capable of being that person.

I have 3 guiding principles that I apply to my life and if you want to adopt them for yourself, they are all yours!

Positive Energy Attract Positive Energy

I deal in ENERGY!! I think of it as my internal compass. I very much believe in the transferring of energy through daily interaction and my goal each day is to put out as much positive energy as possible. When you surround yourself with similar energy you create positive energy circles that make it much easier to navigate through difficult choices and experiences.

The mind is incredibly powerful

There are 2 words that are stopping SO many people from living in true fulfillment. “I” and “can’t”. The things that you feed your mind fuel your life!

Heaven help those who help themselves!

My mother used to tell me this growing up and it would drive me crazy!!! As much as I want to see you living in fulfilment, I can only do so much without you. You are the one who holds the keys, and it is YOU that must do the work to get to where you want to go! I can coach and consult but you have to be ready to get into the game!

You are capable of more than you ever imagined

- Tricia Sitemere

Meet Tricia Sitemere

Quick Facts About Me

  • I am a sister, a wife, an overzealous aunt, and devoted friend! 
  • My husband Brian is hands down the funniest person I know.
  • I have over a decade of Human Resources experience and have worked for multiple fortune 500 companies supporting University Recruiting and Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Before transitioning into HR, I worked in marketing and promotions, the financial services industry, event planning, as a waitress, as a learning and development specialist, in a call center, and as a brand ambassador!
  • I’m a Certified Yoga Instructor
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