Tricia Sitemere

Career Consultant & Fulfillment Coach

Helping you realize your purpose and accomplish your goals

Hello Hello! I’m Tricia Sitemere and I’m so glad you’re here!!

Some fun facts about ME: I love the combination of white and gold together. I’m an avid whistler and love all types of music. I’m happiest when I’m at the beach and I’ll eat eggs for dinner just about any day of the week!

 My Story

I’m a daughter, a sister, a wife, a super proud aunt, and a friend but most importantly, I am wildly PASSIONATE about people and even more so PASSIONATE about helping others live in fulfillment and self-actualization. I didn’t always know that this was my purpose but the search to really finding it began was when I changed my major from Nursing to Advertising during my freshman year of undergrad. My parents were less than pleased with this change and I spent the next several years second guessing if I had made the right decision. Bouncing from job to job. Still unsure of my place in the world. It took SO many years to get to a point in my life where I felt I was really living in my purpose. Many years of feeling inadequate, like I was a failure and had no control of what was going on in my own life. I knew one thing… I was committed to finding it and after a lot of trial and error, soul searching, and the oddly enough the death of my father, things became so much clearer.
Maybe we share the same story of trying so hard to fit into the molds that other people have set out? Maybe you want to live in the space that the mold you were created from was just PERFECT for you! How did I personally learn this? By listening to myself more and having more conversations about what I wanted to put out into the world. And once I figured it out, the possibilities for my life became endless and the same can be true for you!

My Values & Beliefs

Positive Energy Attracts Positive Energy

I deal in ENERGY!! I think of it as my internal compass. I very much believe in the transferring of energy through daily interaction and my goal each day is to put out as much positive energy as possible. When you surround yourself with similar energy you create positive energy circles that make it much easier to navigate through difficult choices and experiences.

The mind is incredibly powerful

There are 2 words that are stopping SO many people from living in true fulfillment. “I” and “can’t”. The things that you feed your mind fuel your life! 

Heaven help those who help themselves!

 My mother used to tell me this growing up and it would drive me crazy!!! As much as I want to see you self-actualized and in the life you desire, I can only do so much. You are the one who holds the keys and it is YOU that must do the work to get to where you want to go! I can coach and consult but you must get in the game. 

 My Approach

My background is in Human Resources. Specifically, University Recruiting, guiding students and recent grads into new careers post graduation.  I’ve worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies to bring in fresh talent and future leaders into the organization.  There were countless conversations that I had, where my candidates felt conflicted about next steps. What were they doing with their life? Are they making the right decision? Is this the right job for me?  Will I be happy with this decision in a year? And of course I empathized having struggled with those same questions in my own life. This is where my love for coaching blossomed. 
My definition of self-actualization is taking your god- given talents, coupled with the things that you are passionate about and marrying the two to create a life of true fulfillment. With strategic planning and accountability, my clients can accomplish their goals and be who they have always wanted to be! I help build fulfilling lives!