Ctrl Alt Delete stands for Take CTRL of your Future, Alt-er Your Mindset and Delete All Doubt.

CTRL, Alt, Delete is a combination of finding clarity around your life path, guidance centered around balance in career and life, and goal setting and accountability to ensure your success around what you set out to accomplish. It’s the way we look at transforming not only the way you see situations and opportunity but the way you see your life.


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CTRL Alt Delete Offerings

Resume, Interviewing and Career Consulting

Take CTRL of Your Career.

I spent several years in Human Resources working alongside CEOs. Executive Management teams, directors and too many hiring managers to count. I know what they look for, I know how to translate skills and I know how to bring YOUR story to life from your resume. Not to mention my experience in training recruiters.

On the other side of that coin and what kept me in HR for so long was working with my candidates to help them embark on a new adventure. Several times I was asked “Why HR?, Why Recruiting?” and for me it was being a part of a process that could change the way someone thinks about their future, potentially changing the trajectory for the rest of someone’s life and being a guide throughout that process. Let’s take CTRL of your career!

1 0n 1 Coaching

Alt-er Your Mindset

You haven’t been making progress because you haven’t been held ACCOUNTABLE. I KNOW you can accomplish your goals, and you DON’T have to do it alone. Regardless of long term or short term, If you want to make sure that you are successfully meeting your goals; I will make sure that you are making the progress and staying accountable!

Goals Setting

Delete the Roadblocks

Sometimes you just need a little push, a little direction and a little extra encouragement to ensure that you continue to move towards and accomplish your goals. Doing that is also sometimes easier said than done. We’ve all been there. Overwhelmed, frustrated with where to begin and disappointed. You have the vision but getting there feels impossible. That’s where I can help. Together we craft a map for you that will outline the specific steps you need to move towards your goals. After a goal setting session, you will gain clarity around the specific types of goals you need to meet in order to move the needle forward. Schedule your session and let’s get you going!

The decision to change your life is HUGE! It takes commitment, focus and the decision to invest in being the best version of YOU. ​

If you aren’t ready to book your discovery call, I have plenty of ways I can support you along your journey!​


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