Coaching and Career Consulting

Career Consulting

I spent several years in Human Resources working alongside CEOs. Executive Management teams, directors and too many hiring managers to count. I know what they look for, I know how to translate skills and I know how to bring YOUR story to life from your resume.  Not to mention my experience in training recruiters!

On the other side of that coin and what kept me in HR for so long was working with my candidates to help them embark on a new adventure. Several times I was asked “Why HR?, Why Recruiting?” and for me it was being a part of a process that could change the way someone thinks about their future, potentially changing the trajectory for the rest of someone’s life and being a guide throughout that process.

Coaching Consulting

Interested in becoming a Fulfillment Coach? Well I may be biased, but I think it is THE most rewarding and fulfilling job in the world! Hands down.

If you have toyed with the idea, are not sure what being a coach entails, or have finally uncovered your purpose and are ready to take the leap then we should talk!! If you are curious about best practices for setting up your own coaching practice and what that looks like specifically for you, I am happy to share my own personal journey and walk through the details with you.
Be ready to unlock a world of possibilities!