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I am a career coach specializing in helping mid-career professionals to find clarity (figure sh*t out), strategy (how you execute), and support – so they no longer feel stuck, confused, and stagnant.

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My goodness I LOVE working with Tricia to achieve my goals!! When I thought of a business coach, I envisioned suits and buzzwords. That is not me and thankfully that isn’t Tricia either. Tricia is a true professional and an absolute joy and makes growth so fun - even the uncomfortable kind. Tricia isn’t in the business of fixing people. She pulls out their greatness and has certainly helped me to pull out mine. What I have appreciated most about Tricia is her 360 approach to coaching. While we are very focused on my career trajectory, growth and accountability at work, and leaning into that greatness I mentioned above, she makes sure I’m saving space for my family and for myself. That’s what’re really working for, after all. I have seen a significant change in myself, my confidence, and how I approach my life both professionally and personally since we’ve begun working together. Her support hasn’t just impacted me. I use her little nuggets of advice with my teams and my peers - and everyone is loving the new perspective I have thanks to Tricia. I am so thankful to be part of the #trusttricia movement!

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