If You answered yes to any or all those questions, I invite you to explore People Empower by CTRL Alt Delete

This whole experience has forced me to remove my procrastination crown! The information that Tricia has armed me with will definitely help me to stay on task! From tips of planning ahead to create more time to focus on other neglected tasks has been the biggest gem she has armed me with!
Thanks lady #trusttricia ️💖
You're seriously a PRO at what you do. You walk into spaces send raise the bar of hope. No one has ever been able to convince me to "treat" myself and many have tried. Growing up I was so use to not having and expecting to not have. As an adult, I'm always trying to save for rainy days because that's all I expect, rain. But today, I went from a spirit of scarcity to a place of hope. You didn't just motivate me to change people's perception of me. You changed my perception of me. I will be forever grateful you came into my life. It is indeed changed for the better. I am almost in tears about what just happened. Today, I feel fulfilled. And tomorrow, I plan to do the work to always feel this way.

People Empower is an 8-week program that helps you stay focused and forward moving to your goals. there is accountability.

we breakdown personal challenges such as:

and more ...

hearing about people in power you may be wondering “why are you doing this or why is this program so needed?”

come tap into your dreams your vision your talents and your power.

I'll see you on the inside!

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Real solutions, real support and real community for real women!

I have been where you are today. Busy, trying to juggle it all, tired and not making any real progress on top of all that. Now it’s my turn to pass on my lessons so you can make the progress you need to accomplish your goals!

This program has already help so many other women, the question now is:

Will you be next?

Who is Tricia Sitemere?

Tricia Sitemere helps women find fulfillment – in both career and LIFE. She advocates for women to pursue clarity with confidence and arm themselves with a plan of action to move the needle toward self-actualization.

She is an alumna of The University of Texas at Arlington where she studied Advertising and later earned a Master’s degree from Simmons University in Communication Management. Her background includes nearly a decade in Human Resources specifically in the Talent Acquisition space as well as Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

She is a published author and has spoken at numerous conferences, led training and delivered workshops for organizations across the United States.

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