What people are saying about Tricia Sitemere

The Author

Krystal W

I really enjoyed this book because it identifies issues that everyone struggles with and it provides you with a practical way to approach whatever it is you may be dealing with, whether it’s your professional or personal life.

Gloria O

“I loved how realistic this book was, it dropped some GEMS about how to navigate through some challenging chapters in life. I am so glad I read this book. I have some reflecting to do on how I want to change some things on my path to becoming successful. I highly recommend reading this book! I felt like I was sitting next the author as I was reading this book, and having a conversation, it was quite refreshing and easy to read.” 

Misha S:

“Talk about a book that was right on time. The content was insightful, and applicable to every day issues. Everyone has been there, and this book spoke to how to get out of this mindset and put a plan into action” 

Aaron H:

“I’m Sick if This Shit” has lots of positive energy and strategies that are realistic, sustainable, and adaptable. Especially when trying to figure out your next steps. I loved the clear and positive tones which made it easy to follow along and the Step-by-step advice given to help you look at the big picture. Overall I will recommend this book to any and everyone. I believe there is something for everyone to gain from reading it”

The Coach

Tiffany M

“You are seriously a pro at what you do. You walk into spaces and raise the bar of hope. It’s incredible. No one has ever been able to convince me to treat myself and many have tried. Growing up I was so used to not having andexpecting to not have and as an adult I’m always trying to save for rainy days because that’s all I expect…rain! But today, I went from a spirit of scarcity, to a place of hope. You didn’t just motivate me to change people’s perception of me, you changed my perception of me.  I will forever be grateful that you came into my life. It is indeed changed for the better. I am almost in tears writing this. Today I feel fulfilled and tomorrow I plan to do the work to always feel this way.”

Nicole N

“I can’t recommend Tricia enough! Tricia has helped me with my career and personal growth in such a big way. She was always available to hold me accountable. I appreciate that she was my sounding board and helped me find my confidence again. I was able to refocus my focus on what I am truly passionate about while setting long term goals. Thank you so much Tricia” 

The Consultant

Matthew M

Hi Tricia!! I just wanted to thank you for your help with everything and provide you an update. I received an offer that I am really excited about and have accepted!! 

Mena J

Just wanted to let you know that I received an offer today thank you for being my sounding board through negotiations and allowing me to speak in full conscience I so appreciate you .

The Speaker

Laney A

“You were wonderful!!  I filled a few pages of my notebook! Thank you for such a great conversation!!” 

Megan M

Thank you for being part of our panel!! For sharing your experiences and insights, and for sticking around afterward to speak with everyone. You are such an inspiration and we are so grateful to have had you as part of the event! 

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