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Launch Narratives Podcast Interview

Choosing Work with Purpose

Today’s guest is Tricia Sitemere, Founder & Coach at CTRL Alt Delete. CTRL Alt Delete: Take CTRL of your Future, Alt-er Your Mindset and Delete all doubt! Tricia Sitemere is a Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur with a background in Human Resources. She has specifically focused on university recruiting working with multiple Fortune 500 companies. She inspires her audiences/clients to live in fulfillment and move the needle to self-actualization where the possibilities for their lives become limitless. As a powerful motivational speaker who also works with diversity and inclusion topics, her deep understanding of human behavior allows Tricia to help others take control of their future, alter their mindset, and delete all doubt. #TrustTricia

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General Assembly Virtual Event

Career Developement & Business

Join us for an intimate discussion as our panelists provide insight into how they’ve grown their careers, developed meaningful relationships with executive leadership, and how they’ve used their own influence to help others make clear career decisions. Panelists and attendees had the opportunity to network after the discussion.

Boosted Business Feature

Boosted Small Biz Stories Featuring Tricia Sitemere

Learn how Tricia has had to pivot to support her business and clients amidst Covid-19.

The Bold Babes Podcast Interview

Perpetual Hot Mess? Tricia Sitemere is Your Girl

Tricia Sitemere is the author of “I’m Sick of This Shit” and creator of the CTRL Alt Delete. As a fulfillment coach she helps people find clarity around what they want out of life and then support them in getting into action and staying in action.


Just Breathe: Coping with Anxiety

We created this guide to give you strategies from professionals who are also the everyday woman. My goal Is to help you LIVE.LIFE.WELL and to remind you that you are not alone. I being In therapy myself have learned some valuable lessons In coping and understanding my emotions more. I take pride in the healing process and want that for you too.

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Meet Tricia Sitemere: Career Consultant, Fulfillment Coach...

I help people find fulfillment in both career and life to help them move the needle towards self-actualization. I define self-actualization as coupling your passions, with your inherent talents to live up to your fullest potential. I am known for my warm personality, sunny disposition, my big smile and typically wearing my signature red lipstick!


Meet Tricia Sitemere
of CTRL Alt Delete

I decided to change my major from Nursing to Communications. My parents  were not incredibly pleased about the change as I had spent most of my entire life proclaiming that I was going into the medical field. My family is Nigerian so doing something outside of Medicine, Law, Engineering or Accounting at the time was a pretty big deal.


Finding the Right Company
Culture for You

Coming out of undergrad, my job search wasn’t the most extensive. I had had some other interviews for positions that I found on job boards and LinkedIn but after learning more about them, I wasn’t excited about the roles. I had also decided that while my internship experiences were great, I didn’t want to work at either full time. So that was it.
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