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Learn how to beat procrastination and create personal accountability!

Learn about the different types of procrastinators and find out which one YOU are so you can create a plan to help you accomplish your goals.

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Learn about the different types of procrastinators and find out which one YOU are so you can create a plan to help you accomplish your goals. ​

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“I can’t recommend Tricia enough! Tricia has helped me with my career and personal growth in such a big way. She was always available to hold me accountable. I appreciate that she was my sounding board and helped me find my confidence again. I was able to refocus my focus on what I am truly passionate about while setting long term goals. Thank you so much Tricia”


Tricia Sitemere

Speaker & Author

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Learn what type of procrastinator you are and how to beat it!

Tap into more of your own potential.

Get more done and create time for YOURSELF!

Have a framework that sets you up for success.

What if I told you there was a way to get stuff done while maintaining your sanity and self-care?
What if I told you that the proud feeling of having done something worthwhile and important to you/your family/your career is 100% attainable
Can you imagine the sense of accomplishment once you really start to see the long-term progress being made?

Real solutions for real women!

I have been where you are today. Busy, trying to juggle it all, tired and not making any real progress on top of all that. Now its my turn to pass on my lessons so you can take the shortcut to success!

This webinar has already help so many other women, the question now is:

Will you be next?

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Who is

Tricia Sitemere

Tricia Sitemere helps women find fulfillment – in both career and LIFE. She advocates for women to pursue clarity with confidence and arm themselves with a plan of action to move the needle toward self-actualization.

She is an alumna of The University of Texas at Arlington where she studied Advertising and later earned a master’s degree from Simmons University in Communication Management. Her background includes nearly a decade in Human Resources specifically in the Talent Acquisition space as well as Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

She is a 2-time published author and has spoken, led trainings, and delivered workshops for organizations across the United States.

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