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The CTRL Alt Delete Coach and Client Commitment

Heaven Help Those Who Help Themselves.

My mother used to tell me this growing up and it would drive me crazy!!! As much as I want to see overcome and conquer your career stagnation and frustrations. I can only do so much without YOU.

You are the one who holds the keys, and it is YOU that must do the work to get to where you want to go! I can coach and consult but you have to be ready to get into the game.

Myself and each client I work with sign the CTRL Alt Delete Coach and client commitment form to ensure we are lock in together and ready to do the work!

MY 1 on 1 Coaching Offerings

Pick My Brain Discovery Call

Pick My Brain and Ask Me Anything for 30 Minutes
This isn’t a coaching session but if you have specific questions around topics such as identifying a stagnant career, how to kick start your career growth and development, how to plan for a career transition, and identifying career growth opportunities, we spend this time tackling those targeted areas. This isn’t an exhaustive list but should give you an idea of what the time is used for.

$100- 30 Minutes

The 1 Hr Mini Session

With the mini session, we focus on all things resume and LinkedIn.
Full optimization and/or revamp of your resume so that it best speaks to your previous experience as well as aligns with the career & roles you are interested in.
Guidance around how to use your resume to create strong talking points in an interview.
Full optimization and/or revamp of your LinkedIn page so that it stands out to recruiters, helps you effectively network, and ultimately land your next role.
Guidance on how to use LinkedIn to prepare for your career transition or begin your job search.
A dive into how to best use LinkedIn effectively as part of your career search.

$250 - 1 Hour

The Career Toolkit

This coaching session is tailored for someone who feels they are already making some progress on their own but adding some tools to their career toolkit and better supporting their efforts, would help them go the extra mile.
Includes coaching, exploratory conversations, and planning around:

What are your strengths and areas of opportunity? With this skills assessment, we identify how we highlight your skills and work through your areas of opportunity so they don’t stand in the way of your career growth.

You know where you want to go, and this is when we spend time walking through the HOW and what steps you will need to take in order to be successful.

Get the resume that attracts recruiters and hiring managers to you! Your new resume will be built based on the conversations had during the session and delivered to you ready to rock!

Full optimization and/or revamp of your LinkedIn page so that it stands out to recruiters, helps you effectively network and ultimately land your next role.

Learn how to craft strong interview questions and responses.

Be prepared to interview with CONFIDENCE. Learn tried and tested tools to take CTRL of your interview process.

So you’re currently in a role you would like to transition from OR you just landed a new one, learn how to advocate for yourself, set yourself up for success, and support your long-term career growth.

$1,200 - 3 Hour Session

The Career Master Class

A comprehensive deep dive into all aspects of career transitioning and growth to provide clarity, strategies to set you up for success and RESULTS! Get everything included in the Career Toolkit PLUS: coaching, exploratory conversation and planning around:

Where are you now, what are your roadblocks, and where have you been successful so we can build an actionable strategy forward.

Are you unsure if you’re in the right career. We’ll talk through potential opportunities and how you might leverage your skills.

It’s one thing to HAVE a LinkedIn profile but it’s another to not be using it to its full advantage. Learn how to make connections and gather information and insights that can support you at every stage of your career journey.

We can all use that extra push. Understand the difference between mentorship vs sponsorship and how it can impact your career.

$2,500- 5 Hour Session

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Pick My Brain Discovery Call

The Mini Session

Your Career Toolkit

The Master Class

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